15 Garden Studio Ideas to Maximise Outdoor Living.

The Garden Arms!

A garden studio is a perfect way to extend your home and make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you need a quiet place to work, a space for hobbies, or just a place to relax, a garden studio can offer many possibilities. Here are 15 garden studio ideas to help you improve your outdoor living:

  1. Home office: With the growth of remote work, a garden studio can be a quiet and separate place to work from home. Choose a garden studio that is well-insulated, and has good lighting and Wi-Fi. A garden studio is an economical and convenient solution for those who need a comfortable, dedicated workspace to improve their work-life balance. See our post on building a small garden office.
    Garden Studio Home Office Interior
  2. Hobby room: If you love crafts, painting, or other hobbies, a garden studio can be a great place to focus on your interests. It provides a private, well-lit, customizable, and quiet space with enough room for all your equipment.
  3. Home gym: Turn your garden studio into a private gym and start your fitness journey right from your backyard. A garden studio makes a great home gym because it offers a comfortable, private, controlled, and accessible space to exercise in.
    Heritage Garden Studios_Gym Interior
  4. Music room: If you play instruments or sing, a garden studio can be an ideal space to play and practice. It provides a private, secluded, and customizable space for music-making, surrounded by natural light and greenery for an inspiring atmosphere.
  5. Art studio: Whether you’re a professional artist or just enjoy painting, a garden studio can be a creative space to unleash your imagination. It offers a peaceful and private space to work, with plenty of natural light, ample space, customizable features, climate control, and personalization options.
  6. Games room: Create a separate, dedicated space for recreational activities and entertainment with a garden studio. With its own entrance, you won’t disturb the rest of the household while you play, and you can control the lighting and temperature for comfort. The extra space allows for larger games like billiards or table tennis and there’s room to store your games and equipment. You can design a garden studio to match your personal style, making it feel like an extension of your home.
  7. Meditation room: Build a peaceful space for a yoga studio, meditation, and relaxation with a garden studio. It offers peace and quiet to help you centre yourself, and its garden setting creates a calming atmosphere to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Garden studios can be customized for individual needs, including natural light, comfortable seating, and soothing colours. The privacy and separation from the main house offer a distraction-free space for better meditation practices and self-care.
    Garden Yoga Studio
  8. Movie room: Enjoy the outdoors with a large screen for movie nights with family and friends in a garden studio. It provides a separate space away from the main house for entertainment and relaxation, and its soundproofing capabilities make it great for watching movies without disturbing others. You can customize the garden room for an immersive viewing experience, with features like a large screen, comfortable seating, and ambient lighting. The extra privacy allows for uninterrupted movie-watching.
  9. Golf simulator room: Have a dedicated golf simulator room in a garden studio for privacy, space, and comfort. It’s ideal for golf enthusiasts. Choose one of our taller, bespoke buildings with at least a 4m width to ensure there is enough space to accommodate the golf mats, sky track launch monitor and impact screen.
  10. Hot tub room: Create a space for ultimate relaxation with a hot tub, perfect for cold nights.
    Garden Studio with a canopy area
  11. Teen Den: A garden studio can be a great teen den for teenagers to hang out, relax, and entertain friends. Garden studios are typically separate from the main house, providing a sense of independence and privacy. They are versatile spaces that can be personalized to suit individual tastes, making
  12. Garden bar: A garden bar is a great addition to any backyard and is perfect for summer entertaining. The bar can be designed to fit the style of your home and can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or glass. The bar can be equipped with a sink, refrigerator, and storage space, allowing you to mix and serve drinks with ease. Consider installing lights around the bar area to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the evening. You can also add a roof or awning to provide shade during the day.
    The Garden Arms!
  13. Playroom: A playroom is a great way to give kids a dedicated space to play, imagine, and explore. You can decorate the playroom with bright colours and fun themes to create a lively and imaginative atmosphere. You can also add shelves, toy boxes, and bookcases to store all of the kids’ favourite toys and games. Consider installing soft floorings, such as carpets or foam mats, to provide a safe and comfortable space for kids to play. You can also add a play table, board games or an easel for kids to do arts and crafts.
  14. Small Business HQ: a garden studio can provide a cost-effective, flexible and attractive solution for small business owners looking for a private and professional office space that supports their business goals and aspirations.
  15. Reading room: A reading room is a cosy space to escape and enjoy a good book. You can decorate the reading room with comfortable furniture, such as a plush armchair or sofa, and soft lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can also add shelves and bookcases to store your favourite books and magazines. Consider adding a window seat or a rocking chair for a peaceful place to read and relax. You can also add a small table for a lamp and a cup of tea. A reading room is a great place to escape from the world and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

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