How Much Value Does A Garden Room Add?

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A garden room can increase the value of your home while providing you with a place to escape to, work in, rest or play in.

Here Are The Benefits Of A Garden Studio.

Garden studios or Garden rooms are the new game-changing home improvement. The benefits of garden studios can be enormous and do have a positive impact on your home life and your property’s value. Recent research in the UK has indicated that a garden studio can increase your property’s value by around 5% according to Yopa, which in most cases will cover the Garden Building cost. In addition, it boosts the saleability of your home.

Heritage Garden Studios offer a range of garden studio designs that are highly customisable, if you choose a garden building from us, there will not be a compromise on quality and you can always expect excellence as the standard. Find out more about our Garden studio range.

There are loads of ways that a garden studio can benefit you and your family. If you’re currently unsure how one of our studios could make a difference in your home life, we have a list of just some of the benefits a garden studio can bring to you.

Your own Separate Space

One of the biggest challenges homeowners face is finding enough space for everything and having room for what they want in their homes.

A home extension used to be the most popular way to increase living space in your home, however in recent years garden studios have grown in popularity and become one of the most popular forms of home improvement.

Garden studios allow you to create your haven. Home extensions adapt the property you already have and require planning permission and building regulations making it a complex and lengthy process. Garden studios do not usually require planning permission and can be installed under permitted development rules. Check out more detail here.

So, if you need more room in your home but you don’t want the disruption of building an extension, investing in a garden room or garden studio is one of the best ways to add space and value to your property.

The Benefits Of Garden Offices

Working from home has become very popular, however having your desk set up on the dining room table or even the back bedroom is not great for a pleasant or private working environment.

Moving your office space outside your home allows you to better separate your work and home life and be able to approach your work without family distractions.

What could be better than having the keys to your very own office just a few steps away in the Garden? Not only does this reduce your commute time it also saves hundreds of pounds each year on transport and parking costs. Plus there’s the huge environmental benefit, win, win!

Therefore, if you work from home, are self-employed, or have a creative hobby that’s taking up too much room in your house, your own garden office might be the solution for your lifestyle.

Quick And Simple Build

With home extensions, the installation process is typically a long one. After you are finally granted planning permission, construction can take months and is often very disruptive. However, this is not the case when you increase your living space in your back garden. Installation in most cases can be completed within a week.

This is a much shorter time than any other home extension and provides you with a brand-new living environment. Our design process is relatively simple too and is mainly handled by our site engineers. The team will come and look at your garden space and see what size building and style is best suited for you, you can book your free site survey here!

Interior Design Options

Our Garden Studio buildings are ready to move into and come with ceiling downlights, double flush fit electric sockets, a 1.5kw heater, insulated uPVC white walls and ceiling, and a choice of floor finishes.

We welcome you to personalise your space and our design options are endless! We have numerous extra features that you can decide to add, such as underfloor heating, indoor bars, home office, gym units, partition walls, communications units, and even the kitchen sink!

As for decorating, you are not limited, just like a house, you can decorate the walls as you wish to make it feel homely and to fit a style or design that you want.

If you need inspiration for your garden studio, you can take a look at our gallery here.

Year-Round Use.

Our range of garden studio designs come fully insulated. All doors and windows are double-glazed and have the same specification as a domestic home. Every studio has a heater as standard and an upgrade to underfloor heating is available.

All roofs are fully insulated ensuring your garden studio stays cool in summer and warm in winter. Recently added are the sedum and wildflower roofs, allowing your Garden Building to camouflage into your garden landscape.

Many further additional options are also available to help increase comfort and decrease noise levels, find out more.

Suited For All Properties

Many homeowners worry that their garden may not be big enough or that a Garden Studio may not suit the style of their property. For those with an older property, there is the worry of combining modern with traditional design, however, we have a variety of exterior cladding finishes and heritage-style doors and windows that makes our Garden Studios extremely versatile, able to suit every type of property.

Even if you do not have a large garden, there is still the option to have a garden studio, as long as it does not take up more than 50% of your overall garden space. You can discuss this further with our site surveyors and check out your options

Increased Privacy

The beauty of a Garden Studio is that it separates you from your home giving you much more privacy.

If you’re wanting to make a yoga retreat or a room suited for your hobbies, privacy is important. Being connected to your home, but just in another room then privacy isn’t as achievable.

Being separated allows you to make more noise, so if you want to practice your music, watch a film or have a gathering with friends without disturbing anyone in the main house a garden studio provides the perfect solution.

Built To Last

Our buildings are manufactured by skilled craftsmen using sustainable materials and designed with structural integrity in mind. From the base to the cladding and roof, you can be safe in the knowledge that your garden building will last for 50 Years.

20-Year Guarantee

All our garden studios come with a 20-year roof guarantee and a 10-year structural guarantee. Windows and doors with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Kind to the Environment

Our garden studio buildings are manufactured to contribute to reducing the effect on the environment. They are manufactured in the UK from sustainable or recycled materials. If you are using your garden studio as a home gym or garden office you are also minimising your carbon footprint by reducing your commute.

Begin Planning Your Garden Room Project Today

We provide the complete service from start to finish and our prices are fully inclusive of the installation costs and VAT.

Our 3D configurator lets you plan your studio from the comfort of your home. It allows you to choose the style, size, roof type, and exterior finish. You can also specify the windows and doors that you prefer. Therefore, as you configure your design, it also estimates the price.

If you’re thinking of installing one of our studios in your garden feel free to get in touch today! We are always here to help and can handle tasks like clearing previous buildings and sheds, planning permission and more.

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